Asena Blessed is out now!

The Chronicles of Altaica:  Altaica (Book One) and Asena Blessed (Book Two)

Isaura, a refugee and misfit, longs for escape to a different life. Fleeing an invading army, she finds escape brings only more trouble. Secrets from her past emerge, threatening all she holds dear, and she is faced with horrendous choices in order to survive. In her struggles she forges a bond with a primal power, which will either transform or consume her, and at her most vulnerable she learns the true nature of those around her. Isaura’s only hope lies in a foreign land where, caught between two ancient foes, she must try to make her own path. With enemies nearing she must learn to master her powers. She will not run from another war. Welcome to Altaica. Survival carries a high price.

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