Hi Folks,

This month is all about promoting Australian authors of fantasy, sci-fi and horror!

The Oztober Promotion has run for the last few years and features discounted titles from Aussie authors. 

Altaica is .99c until the end of October and Asena Blessed is discounted to $2.99. Please follow the link and check out what’s on offer. https://storyoriginapp.com/to/zNjBgVY

You never know, you might just find your next “favourite” author.




What I’ve been watching: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Based on Aussie author Kerry Greenwood’s books, this is an excellent series with some clever, sassy script writing and quite simply – it’s just FUN.

What I’ve been reading: Aggh! School prescribed texts to help some of the students I tutor and….you know what kind of stuff teachers put on those lists! It’s been neither pretty nor fun! What a way to kill the love of reading. 

Check out these Aussie & New Zealand authors too!