Queen Killer, Legacy Hunter 1

by Chris Heinicke and Kate Reedwood

(Published 2017)

Described to me as Indiana Jones meets Star Wars and I have to say that’s accurate!

This is a fun sci-fi action adventure and the pace rollicks along!  

Heinicke and Reedwood have clearly got some great teamwork going on here – you can’t tell this is a collaboration. There are no differences in writing style between sections and the story flows well.

Axel Ryan is convinced that if he can find an ancient star-drive then he can solve the Earth’s energy crisis and pretty much save the planet.  However in doing so he must betray the woman he loves, Ellie, and work with a treacherous group of mercenaries.  What follows is and action packed race for the star-drive, battles against space pirates / mercenaries and a hit man.

Looking for a light fun weekend read then this space adventure might fit the bill.  

Four Stars.