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Book Review – Cold Between Stars by Belinda Crawford

Cold Between Stars is the first book in a new series from Aussie author Belinda Crawford. If you’re after a fast paced, and I really DO mean fast paced sci-fi, then this might be for you. Kuma wakes from stasis… Continue Reading →


Hi Folks, This month is all about promoting Australian authors of fantasy, sci-fi and horror! The Oztober Promotion has run for the last few years and features discounted titles from Aussie authors.  Altaica is .99c until the end of October… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Queen Killer

Queen Killer, Legacy Hunter 1 by Chris Heinicke and Kate Reedwood (Published 2017) Described to me as Indiana Jones meets Star Wars and I have to say that’s accurate! This is a fun sci-fi action adventure and the pace rollicks… Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Michael W. Huard

Michael W. Huard is an American martial arts instructor and author of several books on self-defence.  His latest book, Land of the Free, is set in America in the year 3016.  LIVE FREE or DIE! In the year 3016, the… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Vick’s Vultures

Vick’s Vultures by Scott Warren (Pub: Parvus Press, 2016) This military science fiction novel crossed my review desk ages ago. The publisher requested that I review it saying it had “pioneer spirit and the wisecracking tone of Firefly combined with the… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Riven: The Hero Rebellion Book II

Riven: The Hero Rebellion Book II by Belinda Crawford (Pub: Odyssey Books, 2016)   I was so pleased to be able to finally start Riven. I loved book one, Hero, and really hoped that book two would be as good. … Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Cardboard Spaceship

The Cardboard Spaceship (To The Brave Crumbling Sky, Book One)   by Matthew Snee & Gregg Chirlin (Published July, 2016 by Creativia) When I received the review request for The Cardboard Spaceship, the author described it as “a mind-bending adventure… Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Chris McMahon

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Author: Chris McMahon Chris McMahon is an Australian writer of fantasy and science fiction (You can check out my review of his book The Calvanni (The Jakirian Cycle, Book 1) here) Tell us a little about yourself I am a Speculative… Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Daniel P. Swenson

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Author: Daniel P. Swenson Daniel is a Californian writer of science fiction, with many published short stories to his name and his novel The Farthest City is a great sci-fi read. (You can check out my review of… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Farthest City

Book Review The Farthest City by Daniel P. Swenson (Pub: Nov, 2015) **I was provided with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review** The Farthest City by Daniel P. Swenson, is a science fiction novel, in which humanity… Continue Reading →

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