Riven: The Hero Rebellion Book II

by Belinda Crawford

(Pub: Odyssey Books, 2016)

I was so pleased to be able to finally start Riven. I loved book one, Hero, and really hoped that book two would be as good.  Rivenexceeded my expectations in every way.

Life for Hero has not become any easier.  She’s having to deal with the psychic fallout from her actions in book one and Fink, her ruc-pard, is having issues all of his own, which are worsened by his need to protect her.

Crawford sets a cracking pace in this novel right from the outset which doesn’t let up until the very final scene, after which you are left desperately wanting book three.  We have more of the action packed street racing and the dangers that are involved with these technological whiz kids with their exploding drones, Hero still has a criminal streak with her penchant for hacking intothe colony’s computer systems, new mysteries surrounding her family’s past arise, people still want to “examine” her brain in a lab and she and Fink are turning marginally homicidal. I loved it!

What I enjoyed particularly was that this is turning out to be a series where the characters are actually growing and changing.  They face difficult emotional challenges and moral dilemmas that they struggle with.  Hero doesn’t always make the right choice; she often acts using instinctively and aggressively without thought to the consequences. Her friends are placed in a position where they must choose between friendship and what they believe is right.  There is real fallout for them regardless of the choices they make; learning to deal with this we see the characters mature and change.  I think this is one of the hallmarks of a great story.

Crawford’s world building is excellent there is just the right blend of description and action.  I found everything easy to visualise.  The tech side, at times, feels familiar for the genre, but also has its own unique twists.  (Although I found thisfamiliarity a good thing, because it meant that I wasn’t left struggling to comprehend these aspects at the expense of reading enjoyment.)

Although this is YA novel there is so much to enjoy here regardless of what age you are.  (In fact I think advanced MG readers would enjoy this as well.)

I couldn’t put it down – five stars.