Michael W. Huard is an American martial arts instructor and author of several books on self-defence.  His latest book, Land of the Free, is set in America in the year 3016. 

LIVE FREE or DIE! In the year 3016, the United States of America has fallen into great despair. The advent of advanced technology, robotics, and a power-hungry corporation rule the nation. However, there is hope. A sisterhood of enhanced, highly intelligent, beautiful, patriotic, martial arts masters are out to make the country free again. This is a sci-fi and fantasy book.

Looking at the cover art of The Land of the Free and its stars and stripes costume; I’m wondering if you’re hoping to appeal to lovers of superhero stories etc?
Absolutely, yet these women are real and based in a non-fantasy world. Each has a super quality about them and I feel people will enjoy such. The dress on the book cover it part of the storyline. I hope people fall in love with the sisterhood as they women are very patriotic!
What age range are you aiming your story at? 
This novel is an 18+ book!
Where did you get the idea for the story?
I have a very creative mind. I have been a game master for over 30 years in dungeons and dragons. My wife keeps telling me write fiction, you have this amazing mind, so here I am.
Why female protagonists?
I think it’s more interesting to have the stars be women; and I find a sisterhood something that really feels like it could work well in a cool fantasy story. It’s nice to see these women be hero’s!
What makes your heroines different?  Do you think all the martial arts training / teaching you have done, obviously working with women, means you are writing female characters in a different way to other male authors? 
My martial art training is very much a huge part of the book. The women are all highly trained experts in fighting via real life skills. They’re a family out to make a difference; this is a hugely female empowering book!  You as a woman can be powerful and beautiful in both ways. The characters are deep not just there to look good.
How has your martial arts background influenced your writing?  (I’m not just thinking of the fight scenes here, but also perhaps regarding the themes.)
I love the way I can incorporate realism in the fights for one; but of course I add fantasy elements for fun. In this future world setting, it’s somewhat apocalyptic in nature so fighting to survive is a key part of the story.
Has the current state of US politics and economics influenced the creation of your story?
Great question, yes! I am patriotic, I want peace, and I love good people; so this sisterhood is out to make these things a way of life even in the harsh future setting of the story … a future which the USA has faltered from such conflicts.
You say the story is inspirational – what is the message that you hope people will gain / learn from this?
That people can live in harmony with one another. We can all find common ground, and that we should love our country, God, and seek the good in all we meet.
Thank you for this interview, it was fun, Land of the Free will be releasing soon to Amazon as well as three novella’s in the Mystical Slayer book series, stay tuned and God Bless.
 – Michael