Welcome to the Zaragarian Empire.

Rada’s newborn sister is disfigured and her father has decreed that her fate lies at the Seat of the Gods. Rada knows what that means – he wants her sister dead.

To save both her sister and her mother, Rada must find the Emperor and beseech him for help.
Rada is six. The Emperor terrifies her, but there is no one else.

In a world of intricate politics, rivalries, dissent and revolt; where old gods lay in wait, the fate of two little girls will change the course of an empire.

Everything depends on a six-year-old with a slingshot

The Chronicles of Altaica

The cover of Altaica by Tracy M Joyce.
The cover of Asena Blessed by Tracy M Joyce

Badass from start to finish.

Jenna O’Connel, Goodreads review