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Book Review – Cold Between Stars by Belinda Crawford

Cold Between Stars is the first book in a new series from Aussie author Belinda Crawford. If you’re after a fast paced, and I really DO mean fast paced sci-fi, then this might be for you. Kuma wakes from stasis… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Queen Killer

Queen Killer, Legacy Hunter 1 by Chris Heinicke and Kate Reedwood (Published 2017) Described to me as Indiana Jones meets Star Wars and I have to say that’s accurate! This is a fun sci-fi action adventure and the pace rollicks… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Doomsday’s Child

Doomsday’s Child by Pete Aldin (Published 2017) Doomsday’s Child is a rip roaring, flesh rending zombie fest – with class. Aldin manages to tick all the boxes you’d expect with this well-crafted story. Set in Tasmania, the novel revolves around… Continue Reading →

Book Review – How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days

How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days by Meagan O’Russell (Published by Curiosity Quills Press, 2017) **The publisher provided me with an ARC copy of this work.**  Megan O’Russell’s YA novel,  How I Magically Messed up… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Vick’s Vultures

Vick’s Vultures by Scott Warren (Pub: Parvus Press, 2016) This military science fiction novel crossed my review desk ages ago. The publisher requested that I review it saying it had “pioneer spirit and the wisecracking tone of Firefly combined with the… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Cassandra

Cassandra by Kathryn Gossow (Pub: Odyssey Books, 2017) Cassandra by Kathryn Gossow is a modern take on the myth of Cassandra of Troy, a woman who had the gift of prophecy but was cursed so that no one would believe… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Riven: The Hero Rebellion Book II

Riven: The Hero Rebellion Book II by Belinda Crawford (Pub: Odyssey Books, 2016)   I was so pleased to be able to finally start Riven. I loved book one, Hero, and really hoped that book two would be as good. … Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Cardboard Spaceship

The Cardboard Spaceship (To The Brave Crumbling Sky, Book One)   by Matthew Snee & Gregg Chirlin (Published July, 2016 by Creativia) When I received the review request for The Cardboard Spaceship, the author described it as “a mind-bending adventure… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Songlines

Songlines (The Sentinels of Eden, Book One) by Carolyn Denman (Pub: Odyssey Books, 2016) Firstly, I must confess that I know the author, but this did not affect my review. If I had not liked the book, I simply would… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Gift Knight’s Quest

Book Review The Gift Knight’s Quest (Gift Knight Series, Book 1) by Dylan Madeley (Pub:Troubador Publishing, 2015) Dylan Madeley’s epic fantasy novel, The Gift Knight’s Quest, focuses around two primary protagonists: Derek and Chandra. Derek is a young man serving… Continue Reading →

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