Cold Between Stars is the first book in a new series from Aussie author Belinda Crawford. If you’re after a fast paced, and I really DO mean fast paced sci-fi, then this might be for you. Kuma wakes from stasis to find his ship under attack from a mysterious entity which he calls “The Fug.” I loved this as I can easily see a teenager thinking, “What the hell is this? No idea? Let’s just call it Fug.” Not a bad name considering it seems to be a kind of sentient fungus / blob that’s destroying the ship and seems to have killed almost everybody else. Kuma has got act fast to survive and save what’s left of his world on the ship. This book rockets along and you’ve really got to pay attention to the details, but by the end you’ll want to have “Dude” as your buddy and to own a franken-thrower.
(NB Kuma is trans gender and it’s great to see an author giving us characters who reflect the diversity within society.)

Five Stars!