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Writing Tip – Creating Strong Characters

Creating Strong Characters This is part of a guest post I wrote for author Lauren Dawes’ Blog.   To read the full post click here:   I was asked recently how I go about creating strong female characters.  The… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Songlines

Songlines (The Sentinels of Eden, Book One) by Carolyn Denman (Pub: Odyssey Books, 2016) Firstly, I must confess that I know the author, but this did not affect my review. If I had not liked the book, I simply would… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Gift Knight’s Quest

Book Review The Gift Knight’s Quest (Gift Knight Series, Book 1) by Dylan Madeley (Pub:Troubador Publishing, 2015) Dylan Madeley’s epic fantasy novel, The Gift Knight’s Quest, focuses around two primary protagonists: Derek and Chandra. Derek is a young man serving… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Starchild: The City of Souls (Bk 2)

  Starchild: The City of Souls by Vacen Taylor (Book 2 in The Starchild series) (Pub: Odyssey Books,  2013) Contributor: Jordan Sayer Jordan is a Melbourne middle grade student who is developing an obsession with fantasy books (and good on… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Opposite of Life

The Opposite of Life (Lissa and Gary, Book 1) by Narrelle M. Harris (Pub: Pulp Fiction Press, 2007)   Prepare to have all your favourite vampire myths debunked! In The Opposite of Life by Narrelle Harris, you’ll meet a plucky… Continue Reading →

Artist Interview – Katie Stewart

Special Feature Artist: Katie Stewart Katie is a writer, illustrator and book cover designer. She lives in the Central Wheat belt of Western Australia.  Katie has illustrated many books and has authored four novels – all of a fantasy bent… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Yea Though I Walk

Book Review Yea Though I Walk by J.P. Sloan (Pub: Curiosity Quills Press, 2016)   Yea Though I Walk is genre blending fiction: it is a mix of the western, horror, and paranormal fantasy genres. From the opening sentences, “It’s… Continue Reading →

Guest Post – Felicity Banks

  INTERACTIVE FICTION  Guest Post by Felicity Banks Ever wondered what interactive fiction is? Felicity Banks, author of the recently released Heart of Brass – a steampunk adventure set in colonial Australia, and a swathe of interactive fiction stories, will… Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Chris McMahon

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Author: Chris McMahon Chris McMahon is an Australian writer of fantasy and science fiction (You can check out my review of his book The Calvanni (The Jakirian Cycle, Book 1) here) Tell us a little about yourself I am a Speculative… Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Daniel P. Swenson

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Author: Daniel P. Swenson Daniel is a Californian writer of science fiction, with many published short stories to his name and his novel The Farthest City is a great sci-fi read. (You can check out my review of… Continue Reading →

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