Book Review:   
Starchild: The Age of Akra by Vacen Taylor
(Book 1 in The Starchild series)

 (Pub: Odyssey Books, 8 Mar, 2013) 

Contributor: Jordan Sayer
Jordan is a Melbourne middle grade student who is developing an obsession with fantasy books (and good on him!)  In this segment I’ll share his books reviews and from time to time other pieces of writing.

The Star Child by Vacen Taylor is an action packed and thrilling book with many characters who are very engaging. The characters were believable, funny and really relatable and reminded me of friends and in some cases reminded me of my family.

I enjoyed how Taylor created the story – simple but adventurous at the same time and it could be easily read. I loved how there were different adventures inside the bigger/main attraction with interesting creatures, weapons and mystical places.

Though sometimes the dialogue could extend longer than I felt it should and sometimes it took too long to get to the action which sometimes became boring. However, once the action started I couldn’t put it down. Overall the story is amazing and worth the time reading it!

Four stars!