Jurassic World


Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan, Nick Robinson, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy and BD Wong.
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Producers: Patrick Crowley and Frank Marshall.
Writers: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow.
Run Time: 124min

Review by Hannah M. King 



As it was envisioned by John Hammond (the late Richard Attenborough) in the original Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar is now a fully functional theme park; providing a habitat for an array of genetically engineered dinosaurs, including the ferocious but intelligent hybrid Indominus rex. When the massive creature escapes, it sets off a chain reaction that plunges the park into absolute chaos! Now, it’s up to operations manager Claire Dearing (Dallas Howard) and velociraptor handler Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to save visitors and staff from an all-out, prehistoric assault.

I am a huge fan of the original trilogy and was particularly excited to see how this film would measure up. Watching the trailers, I knew I was in for a treat. The design and CGI of the park and its dinosaurs was absolutely astonishing, and of the highest quality. Though it was similar to the original, the story was gripping and left me wanting more. The characters sparked great interest – how could they not, when the dashing Chris Pratt was taking the lead? With this in mind, I had very high expectations for Jurassic World. And boy, was I blown away!
For me, the highlight of the film was the interaction and relationship between Owen (Pratt) and his much valued velociraptors – Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. Based on mutual respect, this profound bond between man and dinosaur was incredible to watch and is so unique to the franchise. It was something completely out of the ordinary and was delivered brilliantly. Though, there were times I thought they would turn on him, but thankfully not. By the end, I was rooting for the raptors – even if they did savagely kill dozens of innocent people. But hey. What’s Jurassic World without a few deaths?
Another aspect I enjoyed, was the frequent references to Jurassic Park. In the first ten minutes of the film, I was more than happy to hear mention of the late Richard Attenborough, who played the enthusiastic creator John Hammond, and how his character was well channelled through Claire and her all-white attire. Through the eyes of brothers Zach (Robinson) and Gray (Simpkins), we return to the now derelict visitor’s centre. Talk about flashbacks and feels! Gray picks up a pair of night vision goggles, famously used by young Tim (Joseph Mazzello) in the first film. Zach manages to get one of the old Jeeps up and running. Needless to say, it made me smile.
As it is to be expected of a Jurassic film, there was plenty of gore. Blood splatters

everywhere. Men were ripped apart. Women were plucked off the streets and eaten – much like Claire’s lovely assistant Zara, (Katie McGrath) who was picked up by a Pteranodon, dropped into the Mosasaur lagoon, half drowned, and then eaten! Talk about a prolonged death. Give me to the raptors any day.

The finale was absolutely incredible. It was explosive. It was thrilling and heart wrenching. Who’s going to live? Who’s going to die? It was wonderfully violent. There was fire and blood everywhere. Buildings were destroyed. It was three deadly dinosaurs in the ultimate fight to the death and it was fantastic – the best fight scene I have seen in a long time!


My congratulations to the CGI team for producing such an epic finish to a truly remarkable film. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

Images and Video Copyright Universal Studios & Amblin Entertainment, Inc.